Spencer Brothers, Inc. filters both in service oil and new oil for first time equipment fills or to bring turbine oil into specification per the turbine manufacturer’s requirement.

Spencer Brothers, Inc. offers filtration for turbine oils, hydraulic oils (including fire resistant water glycol and synthetic polyol esters), gear oils and circulating oils. By extending the life of the lubricant, reducing down time and your waste oil stream we can help reduce your overall maintenance budget.

The OEM has determined the optimum ISO Cleanliness level of the oil for each component for maximum life. Our program determines your current oil cleanliness, the OEM’s target cleanliness and how we can achieve that number based on your schedule and priorities. Dialysis filtration can keep you running while the oil is cleaned or all the oil can be removed so you can perform maintenance or clean the reservoir while Spencer Brothers, Inc. cleans the oil to the desired ISO Cleanliness level.

All of our hoses are dedicated by product family group and particle counts are taken during the filtration to have real time results and progress reports.